Code Less in Drupal 8 with Drupal Console

Drupal Console brings a whole new developer experience (DX) to Drupal 8. This console tool is similar to Drush but has some mind-blowing features, which I cannot wait to show you in action. Although, Drupal Console is in RC stage at the moment, it performs its functions well enough.

In this tutorial, we will generate boilerplate code for Drupal 8 via command line. In some frameworks this approach can be also called scaffolding. With about five lines of custom code and a few console commands we will create a fully-functional Drupal 8 module with a field formatter that will display QR codes in fields of Link type. The module will be using a third-party service to generate QR codes of entered URLs.

A Quick Practical Intro to Vue.js

Vue.js Logo

You may have heard of or used such JavaScript frameworks as React, Angular and Ember. They are quite popular and have their pros and cons. I personally worked with Angular 1 and learned basic principles of others. You know there is no ideal framework, but there is one framework that I like more than others. It’s Vue.js

Vue.js (pronounced /vjuː/, like view) is a library for building interactive web interfaces. The goal of Vue.js is to provide the benefits of reactive data binding and composable view components with an API that is as simple as possible. (from docs).

Vue.js is used by many companies and people across the globe. The thing that attracts me more is that a few open source products believed in Vue and included it in their code base. The products are Laravel, PageKit and some others.

In this quick tutorial we’ll create a simple Vue.js component that will calculate the length of a word and display it on the fly. Let’s get started...

Three Simple Servers for Your Front-end Projects

We can't open index.html file of some front-end projects in a browser because it requires a web server with a virtual host configured. On the other hand, configuring a separate virtual host for every front-end experiment is a waste of time. Of course, you can automate it but today you don't have to.

I'll show you how to run a simple web server using PHP, Python or Node.js with one command. Here we go.

Group Chats Negatively Affect Productivity

Group chats are helpful if used wisely. However, If you cannot concentrate on your work throughout the day because of your team chat, you are not alone.

I have just released my article "Do You Use Your Group Chat or the Group Chat Consumes You?" on Medium, where I discussed a group chat addiction and its consequences. In addition, I gave some tips on how to use group chats without the loss of productivity.

5 Drush Commands Save Up to 30% of Drupal Administering Time

I'm going to share with you 5 really useful Drush commands that can save huge amount of your time.