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I'm Konstantin Komelin, an experienced Software Engineer who has been developing web apps for companies and individuals from all over the world since 2007, currently with JS/TS, React and Next.js at Kometo Labs.

Besides consulting, I contribute to OpenSource, run my own projects and mentor junior developers at ToJuniors.

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A responsive web app which lets any couple get married online via blockchain.

The back-end part (smart contract) is build for Ethereum-based networks with Solidity and Hardhat. The front-end part is build with Next.js, React, Tailwind and Ethers.js.


A social platform dedicated to the biotech stock market with custom-made discussions, social login, quick search and an admin panel.

Technologies used: TypeScript, React, Next.js, Apollo GraphQL, Prisma ORM, Tailwind, Algolia, Auth0


A content platform for Junior developers and people who'd like to get into Tech with carefully tailored advice and tips.

Technologies used: TypeScript, React, Next.js, Remark, Rehype, Tailwind

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If you have a question/suggestion or look for a developer for your project, just drop me a line here and I'll reach you out.