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I'm Konstantin (Kos) Komelin, an experienced Software Engineer, developing web apps for companies and individuals from all over the world since 2007, currently with JS/TS, React and Next.js at Kometo Labs.

Besides consulting, I'm contributing to OpenSource, running my own projects and sharing my knowledge on Nitrolancer.

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Dmirii Fedorov
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System Administrator at Freelance

Grateful for Konstantin's help in my career development. His ability to find simple words to explain complex concepts and optimistic attitude really make a difference.

Aug 2023 via Linkedin

Rasmus Henriksson
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Founder at Biotickr

Konstantin was a great strategic partner during our development project and delivered an excellent product exactly according to specification, using the latest in modern web development. His great communication skills meant frequently checking in, asking clarifying questions as well as providing pro's and con's of each development option. I would recommend anyone to work with Konstantin!

Jan 2023 via Linkedin

Aleksandr Grenishin
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Frontend Developer at Uploadcare

It was a pleasure to collaborate on our @uploadcare/nextjs-loader with Konstantin. He is heavily experienced in Next.js and React stacks, keeping abreast of their updates. Knows everything about responsive images. It was easy to communicate with, and I felt like we were on the same wavelength. So I can highly recommend Konstantin for any front-end project.

Nov 2022 via Linkedin

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If you have a question/suggestion or look for a developer for your project, just drop me a line here and I'll reach you out.