A couple of words about the latest ToJuniors pivot

Konstantin KomelinKonstantin Komelin

I've been helping Tech people to better position themselves on the market and consequently find jobs they love for a long time while working as a developer myself. I never pretended to be a pro but some people found my coaching sessions useful. Understanding that, I started ToJuniors to scale my one-on-one help to a wider audience.

Today I'm ready to announce that I'm now transforming the ToJuniors project to Nitrolancer.

Why pivoting now

Freelance, independent business and bootstrapping my own projects are resonating with me more than Tech career in general at this moment of my life after 16 years in the industry.

What is Nitrolancer

The new name stands for Nitro + Freelancer.

Think about a nitrolancer as a freelancer on steroids, who is open-minded, not limited by stereotypes, ready to try new things and willing to grow, while helping others if possible.

Think about Nitrolancer as a community of like-minded individuals and not just a blog for Tech career starters as it was with ToJuniors.

I hope it explains it. If you're on the same page with me, follow Nitrolancer updates on Twitter/X. Cheers.