I am so happy with Konstantin. All my questions were answered and my Drupal 6 site is in safe hands. He knows so much. 100% satisfaction and treated with great respect. He is a true web professional who knows how to treat clients (refreshing communication).

Undisclosed [Feb 2016 via Upwork]

Konstantin is an excellent engineer who approaches development with a rigorous technical process.

Undisclosed [Sep 2015 via Upwork]

Konstantin did a great job on our project. His technical skills are quite good and his communication is excellent. I would definitely hire him again!

Undisclosed [May 2015 via Upwork]

Konstantin did perfect work. He really knows Drupal and unless many others who claim to be Drupal programmer on oDesk, he really knows Drupal and really knows how to code in Drupal. I can recommend him for any Drupal task, especially when you have some more sophisticated tasks.

Undisclosed [Feb 2015 via Upwork]

We found Konstantin after one big and pretty famous web development agency in St. Petersburg failed to do the job for our medical radiologists community, radiomed.ru. The company just took the money and didn’t do anything after six month of so called "development". I admit that the job was not simple (yet really hard) and consisted of several parts, including migration of huge Drupal 6 website with more than 20K nodes and more than 200K comments to the new D7 system, development of several new modules with unique functionality and many more.

When I wrote to Konstantin, he became very interested in our project, and we spent some time discussing the details of the new website. I have to mention that it was a great pleasure to work with Konstantin starting from the very first email and till the day when the work was done. Based on our vision of the new website, he wrote comprehensive plan of site migration, new modules and theme development so we all knew what to expect. My stupid questions were patiently answered, too.

After the plan was developed, Konstantin began to work hard and surprisingly fast, especially when compared to the web agency mentioned above. There were several serious problems on the way that were mostly caused by the wrongly configured old D6 site and some server configuration issues. Thanks to Konstantin, all these problems were solved successfully and he also explained us every bit of information about what he was doing. Konstantin showed himself as a great Drupal, PHP and MySQL specialist. He is also the best HTML theme developer with the great knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Not to mention GIT and general Linux server knowledge that he certainly has on a highest level.

All these things wouldn’t mean anything without Konstantin’s passionate willingness to make the best of what’s possible in every single task. And it’s all combined with his honesty and tendency to make more than was planned for the less money. Yet, there was a bunch of great improvements in our project that were made by Konstantin on his own, and he didn’t charge us any extra for these goodies!

Last, but not least. Konstantin is a great person to talk not only on IT topic. I remember the cute story he told about injured in a car accident dog that he and his wife saved from a certain death. This story is a good illustration to Konstantin’s kind soul, which is when combined with outstanding technological skills makes him the best freelance web developer I ever knew.

Thank you for your great job, Konstantin!

Eugene Magonov, Owner, Radiomed LLC [Feb 2015 via LinkedIn]

I had fun working with Konstantin. I learned a lot from him at the same time. He's the kind of developer that makes sure the project is stable and future proof. And he gives great attention to scalability and performance.

Aaron Homer Vergara, Web Developer, Explorable AS [Nov 2014 via LinkedIn]

Konstantin was simply AMAZING to work with! No need to look further - this is the guy to hire. He is highly skilled, really devoted, great on communication, very clear about when it can be completed. He also works great independently and is very responsible and great at finding the optimal solutions if you ask him to solve a problem. I simply loved working with Konstantin.

Oskar Blakstad, CEO, Explorable AS [Nov 2014 via Upwork]

Highly competent, committed and methodical Drupal developer with an excellent work ethic. One of the best developers we ever worked with on oDesk.

Undisclosed [Jan 2014 via Upwork]

Konstantin has excellent Drupal expertise with many contributed modules, implementation of his own modules and configuration of high-load projects. He is always attentive to project details and client needs. I would strongly recommend him for Drupal projects.

Vladimir Volkov, Senior Software Developer, DataArt [Jan 2013 via LinkedIn]

Konstantin worked in our Drupal team for almost 3 years.
He demonstrated great development skills and creativity in problem troubleshooting. He is very executive and hard-working person. Konstantin gets things done right and with deadlines.
I was glad to work with him.

Alexander Sorokin, Lead Web Developer, Team Force LLC [Nov 2012 via LinkedIn]