Make a Decision on Using One Drupal Module or Another With Future Perspective in Mind

It's actually content of one of the emails that I send to my current team on regular basis, it's called "Tip of the Week". By sending such emails I share great ideas about the project, experience and best practices and sometimes news from the development world.

When we need to make strategic decision related to using this or that module I suggest learning other people experience.

Let's take a look at some examples:
1) Views
If Drupal community decided to move Views module into D8 core it means that it's flexible and solid enough to be a part of any website in future.

2) Form Builder
If Nathan Haug builds his service with this module it can mean that it's good basis for online surveys in Drupal.
And it also means that the module will be supported in future.
Listen to podcast about

3) Blog, Pull, Trigger and some other modules
They have been removed from D8 core because there are better alternatives or we don't need them anymore.
For example, we can build any blog using Views, content types and fields and be able to customize it at any time.
Read more about modules and themes removed from D8 core here.

I believe you have own great examples to continue this list. Share them in comments!

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