How to 100% Fail a Hackathon in 2023

Konstantin KomelinKonstantin Komelin

I've recently failed a hackathon, so I'll teach you how to do it gracefully in 7 simple ways.

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1. Join first, come up with an idea later

If you have been flourishing your idea for years, writing about it on your blog, giving presentations, doing market research, talking with potential customers, don't apply for a hackathon, otherwise you're at huge risk to win. At our Pro-Losers club, we don't do it, so stay warned!

2. Join first, build your team later

Oh, I love spending all hackathon time building a team. What can be better than having arguments constantly, seeing how people fail to keep their promises, saying goodbye to people who love playing video games more than working on the hackathon project?

If you have a team already, don't dare to apply for a hackathon, because you will fail to fail.

3. Develop what no one needs

This one especially resonates with me because I'm a true pro here. I've proudly built a bunch of projects that no one need.

Avoid reading The Mom Test book at all costs. It teaches how to talk to potential customers which is not what we love doing. As builders, we want to build and not waste time on talking.

Market research is a waste of time. If you have a great idea already, why bother?

If you're planning to attend a blockchain-specific hackathon, Manny kindly listed the best ideas here: @codingwithmanny on hackathon project duplicates

4. Don't follow organiser's rules

A company organises a hackathon to popularise their services/tools and encourage developers to try them out, so to lose efficiently, all you need is just skip the rules.

5. Be a pro copy-cat

Go to a previous hackathon site, find a winner project and take the same idea for your new hackathon project. In 2023, hackathon organisers know how to detect plagiarism, so you will be banned for this and all future hackathons. Crash your reputation at ease. Isn't that what all of us want?

6. Copy code passionately

You know that most blockchain contracts are OpenSource and most organisers require hackathon projects to be OpenSource. So to lose gracefully, you just need to copy a project from a previous hackathon, rename it and submit it to the organisers. Easy-peasy!

@run4pancakes on hackathon plagiarism

7. Fake it and don't make it

Why join a hackathon at all, if you can fake it?

When hackathon winners are announced, change your username to look similar to a winner and ask the organiser to give you the prize.

@Rahatcodes on fake winners

Now you know exactly what to do to fail any hackathon and even crash your reputation forever. Don't thank me, it's my pleasure.

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Disclaimer: if you decide to implement any of my shitty tips to hurt yourself, it's your choice, don't blame me for that ;)